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Going back to work after having a baby is so hard, no matter how the timing works out.  We loved this submission from Tamara Kate Photography, a celebration of family and the mark of mom returning to work.  A great time to document family, and what a cute one this is!

Hand over heart, the second I stepped into this house + met this family in person, I knew I’d be be tempted to stay so long, use every last memory card shoved in every spare compartment of my car + camera bag, they’d start to make curious eyes at each other, wondering if I’d be staying for dinner!! Or forever!!

The afternoon light in this place was to. die. for.

Based in the east end of Toronto — a trendy, vibrant, family friendly pocket of downtown — this mama was nearing the final days of her maternity leave + starting to transition her little guy, Sullivan, to daycare. Not having had a professional photography session since their wedding, they felt a draw to a ‘day in the life’ style session that was fun, personal + more focused on the ‘sweet’ part of the bittersweet days ahead. Plus! We managed to time it to coincide with dad’s daily return home from work, that magic time before bedtime’s round down where everyone’s together.

As the sun started to drop, we ventured out into the back alley where this garage had been offered up as a blank canvas for a local graffiti artist to work his magic on.

I minded my manners (you’re welcome, mum!) + didn’t end up inviting myself for dinner. *But* I did manage to fill five cards 😉

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