Wendy Laurel: let them love

Shameless I know.  I am posting my own work up here on Let the Kids.  I might be violating blogging rules of some sort, but honestly don’t know.  I do know that Tory and I started this blog because we could not find anywhere to submit our style of portrait and family photography. So when I have a shoot I consider worthy (which is not all the time), I would love to submit it.  So here it is submitted.  (And yes Tory did have to OK it).

I love shooting couples.  And yes, it is because it is easy.   Just two grown ups who pretty much listen to me and do what I ask.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Well, maybe shooting with models might be easier, but these two are model pretty and all I had to do was let them show their love, so it was EZ PZ as we say in my house.

I shot the majority of this on my Contax 645 using a mix of Portra 160 and ektar.  I also used my Canon IV for some 35mm and I think I used ektar in that.  I have no tips. I just look around and get inspired. I picked this spot because I love the Roxy billboards.. but I stumbled on the hammock and of course since its Maui, they wanted the beach.  I was inspired by two recent posts we featured… Catherine Abegg and Ozzy Garcia for all that rolling around in the sand action.  And yes, I admit I’m somewhat of a copy cat since I am looking at so much great photography day in and day out.

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Thanks for hanging with us.  More in store for the week.




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