Let Them Have Class – Craig Stephen Photography

We’re in love with these images from Craig Stephen, taken on his son’s first day of school.  The hair, the tie and sweater, little sis getting ready too…..so cute!

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From Craig:

“It was my son, Oscar’s first day at school yesterday – real emotional one! I photographed the traditional shot at the front door in his uniform on 645 film but it won’t see RPL for a wee while so I did a bit of digital as well to document the morning prep / trip to school. As he was wearing a uniform for the first time his sister, Freya, insisted on dressing up too and went to bed the night before wearing a full ballet outfit complete with 70’s Bjorn Borg headband! This is a very personal set but tells a lovely story I thought worth sharing, especially at this time of year when loads of other parent’s will be going through the same. Had I not been taking pics I think I’d have had a real hard time seeing him off – god bless you photography!”

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