Peter Mercado: let them bring props

We don’t mean to be a Props are Bad blog.  Merely a “lets remember its about the people” blog.  Sometimes props are nice. Especially ones that highlight something important to the subject.  Here we go with lots of props.. all important (except maybe the bubbles, but who cares, its cute).  And what is more fitting for Labor Day than a Maternity Shoot?  Peter Mercado shot this sweet maternity session of two of his close friends:

“Rodel and Alexis are two friends who I’ve known since their high school sweetheart days.  Til this day, their affection for each
other has never waned even after several years of marriage.  Their baby will be very lucky to have such loving and caring parents and I know they will show the same affection to the baby as much as they’ve shown to each other.  They are huge Yankees fans and are the studious type (hence the books they brought to the session).   Alexis also maintained a diary of her pregnancy using the iPad and they kept many pictures sonograms in it.”

Good luck with the books folks!   I read all the baby books before having babies.  I have now graduated to the teenage and ADD books.  (lucky, right?)  Not so sure if it helped or not.  Guess I will see how I did when they are grown and out of the house.  I think its a pass/fail sort of test actually.

Thanks for checking this maternity session,


Tory + Wendy


  • Thanks for the feature Wendy and Tori! Coincidentally today is Rodel and Alexis’s wedding anniversary, so what a gift this will be for them! So honored to be featured on this blog.

  • Alexis Delizo says:

    Thanks Tory and Wendy for featuring our maternity shoot on Let The Kids! Coincidentally it’s our 3rd Anniversary today and the feature is a nice gift. Thanks to Peter Mercado for the wonderful maternity shoot. You’re a great friend and a very talented photographer. Thanks for capturing this special time in our lives.

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