Let Them Be Themselves – Cyn Kain

This light-filled session from Cyn Kain is so sweet – anyone that photographs kids knows that it can be challenging to get that one all together shot….and more often than not the best photos are the unplanned ones….the ones where fun and relaxation are evident on everyone’s faces, and you get a glimpse of who your clients are together.

From Cyn ~ During this shoot I couldn’t help but think these kiddos…this family, totally embrace the meaning behind Let the Kids. The boys on this particular day were ready to explore, not sit and cheese for the camera…as is the case with most kids 🙂 At one point during the parent’s attempt to get a ‘please.look.at.the.camera.and.smile.family.photo’ the 4 of them were sitting on the ground and the youngest started crying while the other started sliding out of his mamas lap. It was at this moment the dad told me to keep shooting because this was their everyday life with their sons…and I loved it! I appreciate that Let the Kids values honest family photography. When parents ask me before a shoot what they can do to help ensure the session goes well I always tell them the best thing they can do is relax and have fun. Kids can totally sense when parents are getting stressed out which typically makes the kid(s) upset. When the parents go with the flow, relax and just live in the moment during their session it allows me to document the kids at their best. The photos from this family session are authentic and so full of love. Huge hugs and thanks go out to the Morgan family for being awesome.

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