I liked Sarah Cornish of My Four Hens photography as soon as I saw her work.  I mean how you can go wrong with a mom of four kids who is a photographer as well?  (just sounds so familiar).  Seriously, I look at her blog here and then and I fell in LOVE with her Mine on Monday posts. These are posts of her four kids, sort of stripped down, and being themselves. Here is what Sarah says about the first photo:

“This is SO typical Sophie lol! I headed back to my mom’s house after yesterday’s session to find my child naked and wild haired with a scratch under her eye. Shes a total tom boy in so many rights! My sister was so sweet and wanted to make cupcakes for Father’s Day and my child had no problem testing them out for her lol!! So here is Sophie in all her glory, messy, half naked and covered in Chocolate lol!”

Remember that age?  When they ran around naked all the time? Or half naked?  Out of four, I only have one doing that anymore.  I'll miss it when its gone.

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Just those moments we see and will always remind of us of them and that time.  That age.  That girl who stripped down and ran around half naked all day. It will be way too soon before she is spending her time picking out “outfits” instead.

Sarah also has her photography shop where she sells design and photo editing tools as other assorted goodies.

Nice hanging with you today…

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah’s work!

  • Kim says:

    Sarah just did my sons and my nephews photos, and I have to say she is such an amazing person! She captures childhood in its truest form, every photo is a moment in time captured to hold on to and cherish forever. She is amazing!!!

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