LET THEM BE LOVED | Nina Mullins Photography

I adore stories like this. They give me chills….I tear up happy tears, it makes my heart happy. So I am going to let photographer and mommy Nina Mullins do the talking here as the images speak for themselves.

Nina said, “The fact that we have even have these pictures is a miracle.  Not because of anything to do with cameras, or film, or time.  It has everything to do with the subjects.

Alexander Mikiyas and Eliana Tizita were born on June 13, 2010 in the city of Asela, Ethiopia.  Through many circumstances and hurdles, they arrived in an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Then, on September 9, 2010, we got a call about twins, a boy and a girl, who needed a family.
To make a long story short, after Wes and I spent 3 long months in Ethiopia in 2011, we finally brought Alex & Eliana home on April 12, 2011.  They are our miracles.  They are our blessings.  They are funny, and smart, and full of life.  As twins, they are best friends, play together all day, and fill our lives with an incredible amount of joy.
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A little extra info on this shoot: this was the first shoot Nina did with her Contax 645.  It was shot on Fujicolor Pro 400H, rated at 200, and was developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab. A cute tidbit is that Eliana is wearing one of Nina’s outfits her mother knit her when she was the same age (LOVE it!). And, also, if you want a little more of this story of love here is a link to the day they met their two miracles:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3AT84p2WG4

and with that warm fuzzy feeling…enjoy your day friends!!



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