Can you tell Lauren from Sophie?  I cannot.  They are both identically cute as can be.   This is the cutest kid shoot by Ed Osborn Photography in Scotland.  I adore the pink boots and the huge smiles on this duo.  The shoot was in the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow, Scotland. Shot on Fuji 400h.  And I am humbled by his focus of moving little girls.  Not an easy thing to do with manual focus.

There have been some rumblings on facebook and this blog about how and why we choose the photos we do.  I am not sure there is an exact science to how we choose what we choose.  As for this post, we choose it because we feel the photography is spot on.  Good focus. Good exposure.  Good composition.  Good color.  That is just a basic requirement.  After that, we are looking for creativity.  Fun and different compositions. Original takes.  Variety.  Color.  There is no perfect formula.  We feature a large variety of photographs.  And if you think you have shot something that looks almost exactly like this, well, do not submit it.  We have already run this.  We do not want the same thing over and over.  We celebrate different and original.  So have fun, take risks, and when you nail it?  Submit it.

We love your submissions.  We couldn't run this blog with out them.  So submit, submit, submit. And if we say no, don't take it personally.   We say no to lots and lots of really good photography.  We are only featuring 5 shoots a week.  Just submit again.  We are always HAPPY to see your submissions in our inbox. And we will always reply to you.  And if for some reason we haven't, email us again.  We didn't mean to not respond.  We promise.

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Love this shoot, love this blog, and love our readers.


Wendy + Tory



  • Heather Nan says:

    Um, too bad these little ladies live so far away… they’re a perfect crazy match for my little gal. LOVE!

  • kjrsten says:

    I always wanted identical twins… and now even more-so!

  • LOVE these – and as a Brit overseas they make me smile cos it makes me miss those rainy, welly boot days!

  • Sharon says:

    Darling girls and great job capturing them!

    I’ve been wanting to submit a couple of my sessions, but I chicken out each time I go to hit send. One of these day’s I’ll be brave and do it! Love all the submissions you post! They are all different and special… love this blog!

  • Naomi Belcher says:

    Great pictures! Must have been hard to capture them. And very cute too.

  • Anusha says:

    Wow! The photographer really captures the pure joy and excitement of the two girls! Every shot is natural and it seems like they are very comfortable with him.

  • Jenny says:

    A friend of mine just sent me the link to this blog, and I’m so glad she did – I love these photos and I think I may want to adopt these gorgeous twins!

    This photographer has skilfully and imaginatively captured ‘fun loving’ and timeless cheeky shots in what looks to be an effortless fashion.

    So often do photos of children seem forced and awkward, I’m very impressed by the natural and innocent settings and emotions captured in these photos. For me a kid without a little cheeky grin or a ‘bouncing off the walls energy’ is a lost opportunity to look back in years to come. To find a photographer that clearly has the nature flair to capture these precious moments in time is very rare.

    ‘Ed Osborn Photography’ I will definitely be giving you a call 🙂

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