Let them be Best Friends – Marci Mortensen

What a fun post for today from Marci Mortensen! I needed a reminder of summertime and outdoor fun today, and I also love the sleepy images at the beginning (don’t forget our Instagram contest this week for SLEEP images).

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images shot on tri-x

From Marci:

Here is a little shoot I did with my two yahoos. I have that constant mom guilt thing, where I always feel like I’m failing to document my kids enough. So, I took a morning this summer and I shot a roll of Tri-x 400, of my kids just waking up and doing their thing. It was maybe an hour of my time observing and shooting, and these are some of my favorite images of them from this year. I cherish this time in their lives. They are finally deciding that they don’t have to be each other’s adversaries. They can be friends.



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