Zoe Berkovic: childhood

YES.. we have a contest winner!  Thanks to all of you who entered and facebooked and tweeted and liked and followed.  We appreciate all the support and LOVED all of your comments.  We are really new at this blogging business and we are stunned by the support and love we are receiving.   But first, because this is what we are all about,  is another Winner  —  Zoe Berkovic photography.

My new favorite thing, the family bed.  But with a twist.  Nobody’s images look like Zoe Berkovic‘s.  I don’t know quite how she does it, but they always look ready for a magazine.  And honestly, this family and this house could  be in any magazine.  I am pretty sure House Beautiful would love to show this house.

These images were shot digitally.  Technique and composition is all Zoe.  Here is Zoe’s advice for photographers:

“Shoot with your heart. Work really hard. Be passionate. Let go of your fears. Want success. Be honest. Be nice. Be the very best that you can possibly be.”   I love that.



Amazing photos, right?   And….. the CONTEST WINNER IS Cecily R. of My Chaos and My Bliss photography. “Chaos and bliss”, isn’t that pretty much the best name ever?  Wish I thought of that.  Sums up my life in five words.  Thank you Cecily and everybody that participated.  And Cecily?  Have fun shopping!

More giveaways to come in the near future and lots and lots of exceptional photography this week.  This is a BIG week here at Let the Kids. Come and see.




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