Let the Truth Be Told — Megan Joplin’s Miscarriage Diaries

Megan Joplin is in the midst of a personal project — the Miscarriage Diaries.  Its common knowledge that many women have miscarriages (myself included) but the pain and loss these women feel is seldom acknowledged.  Megan says:

“I had definite goals in mind when I began this project: I wanted it to be out there, I wanted others to know that it’s not something that should be brushed aside, that it is painful. And that for those going through it, it is a death . . . I wanted to honor what was lost.  Because of this project, I’ve met a lot of truly wonderful, extraordinary, amazing women.

One of the participants, who I shot in Dublin, Ireland, had multiple ectopics. She explained how scary that was – that not only are you losing a child but you could potentially lose your own life. She now has a little boy who will be one in January. ”

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Miscarriage Diaries Video

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  • Colette Hörter says:

    What a great project! I had one healthy pregnancy and my son is now 4. I then had 4 miscarriages in 2,5 years. It was such a difficult time in our lives. I’m very blessed to say that pregnancy no 5 has resulted in a beautiful little girl who is now 3 weeks old. 🙂

  • Bria says:

    These are beautiful photos, sometimes searing. Thanks to Megan for bringing light to this often hidden experience shared by so many women.

  • Alexis Yael says:

    I marked the two year anniversary of my miscarriage yesterday (and into today).

    This project speaks volumes to me, thankyou.

  • Beautiful tones in these bw images. Moving stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  • Pepibebe says:

    This looks like a beautiful, moving project. As a woman who had had two miscarriages, I can’t imagine how emotional and amazing it would be to see the exhibition in person (which won’t happen as I live in New Zealand).
    My partner and I conceived twice in 4 months and I lost both babies at 12 weeks. That was in Oct 11 & Mar 12. We haven’t conceived since.
    But one day we’ll get there…

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