Let the Sun Shine — Meredith McKee Photography – Seattle Family Photography

What do I love about these?  Its too much to count. But really what gets me is Meredith McKee’s use of the sun and flare and the fun poses out on the open beach.  They look so happy and natural. And that’s not always that easy to do.

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From Meredith:

“Yes, I shoot digitally, full manual settings – that way, I can control what is correctly exposed and then just let the light play with the lens from there! Shooting into the sun usually means lower ISO, and since I typically keep the aperture low as well, I get the look through manipulating the shutter speed. Depending on where you position the sun in the shot, directly behind the subject, fully in the frame, or partially covered with an object, the more or less flare you’ll get. I process minimally in Lightroom and let the natural beauty shine!”

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