Meg Bitton makes me laugh. She submitted these gorgeous beach photos of her children and asked if it was too late for summer photos.  Was Let the Kids already onto Fall photos?  Ha!  Where I live its always summer and its the hottest it gets right about NOW.  But even if I lived somewhere colder, where there were actual seasons, I would welcome summer beach photos of children all year round. Because I am always up for beach, swim suits and the ocean.  Thats just how I am and I cannot imagine limiting this blog to seasons.  So YES Meg, its summer and your photos are welcome and I am very thankful to be able to share this today.

Meg says:

“My beach vacation got rained out by 3 days. I scrambled to reschedule everyone as I was overbooked already. As a result, I had about 20 minutes one night to shoot my own kids. My boys wouldn’t put on pants and my daughter got wet and sandy before the first click. What can you do, I guess. Hurricane Irene shortened our time, but didn’t dampen our fun.

I never even noticed the quote on her shirt until we got down to the beach, but its so true “Feet what do I need you for, when I have wings to fly”

The key to making it look like it works is just sitting back. Let the relationships evolve. I sit with a long focal length, sometimes 200mm and I never ever direct. I just talk to them in a low voice ONE BY ONE. I never talk to multiple kids at the same time. I find speaking to one, the others want the attention, so they tend to come to the one who is engaged. Then I shoot the interaction.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, shoot it all, but shoot parts. Feet, sky, sand, hands, bellies. The parts always make up the whole, so you cannot forget them.”



In case you don’t know.. and why would you… I am in Maui and Tory is in Southern California.  As far as we are concerned, beach photos are welcome all year round.  We go to the beach all year so why shouldn’t the blog?



Tory + Wendy




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