Let the Sky be Blue — Zalmy Berkowitz

I love a bright blue sky.  In real life and in photos.  I asked Zalmy Berkowitz how he achieved that in this set.

“I live in California :). Besides for that, the days following a rain usually have beautiful blue and clear skies. No smog, so the blue looks bluer. These were all taken in early afternoon, so the contrast is quite high as is the saturation. For the bluest skies you’ll want your subject facing the sun, which isn’t alway the most flattering… but when you are further away it’s not that bad. And film makes it not even badder.”

[blogshow id=b8a3 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=1] These were shot with the Contax 645, 80mm and Ektar 100 and Portra 400. You could tell which ones which. The ektar is much punchier with skies going towards cyan.

Have some blue skies this weekend and lots of relaxing fun,


Wendy and Tory

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