I have to thank you guys.  Our readership and inbox just keep increasing.  This blog would be nothing without all you guys readings and submitting your photography.

When I saw this submission, it just jumped out of me.. because it was so different and I am always a sucker for a blue blue sky.  I love the extreme composition and the use of negative space in some of these photos.   And of course the color got me.  Give me blue skies and bright colors anytime.  Mireya Alfonso of Axiom Photo Studio in South Beach, Miami is the photographer and she gave a bit of information on her background and how she composes:

“My background is a fine art background.  I was originally an English major and went into Paralegal work for a quite a while.  During my time in college ( about 10_12 years ago!) I minored in Photography and I loved it.  Back then it was film, and I worked both in color and black and white and processed my prints for both.  Because I was already working full time, photography was my escape and I felt very comfortable and free to be experimental and receptive to learning the craft.  I never thought of photographing for a living.  I would just work on projects that interested me.

After working for awhile and then having children,  I decided to return to school and pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography almost 2 years ago.  Its a pretty intense program that is geared for people that want to pursue a career as a fine artist.  Now that I am in the homestretch I am in a Thesis course that allows me to focus and finalize my body of work which will be shown at the Frost Museum, in Miami.

I work with film and digital.  and I love to play around with toy cameras as well.  The best thing a photographer can do to maintain a good sense of composition is to look at other’s work.  Invest in monographs by great photographers and study – what you like and what you don’t like.  The more in tune your mind and eye are with those two concepts, the more creative and free you will be in your own work and how you view your subject matter. The other important thing is to learn how to print their own digital and C-prints.  That gives you such an incredible understanding about color.  There is a huge difference between a computer monitor and a print.

If your

e curious to see how i photograph my own children, here is a preview of my personal work:   http://mireyaalfonso.wordpress.com/”

I do not actually know if this session is film or digital and I really don’t care. I just love how different it is and the colors.


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