Let the Pups be a Part of the Family – Marta Locklear

I’m a big softy when it comes to pets (I have three dogs myself), so I love to see family sessions where furry family members are able to be included. Marta Locklear did such a beautiful job working with this family – everyone looks happy and relaxed, even the pups.  The colors in these images are gorgeous too…..love the cozy fall feeling.

These images were shot on a Contax 645 with 400h and developed/scanned by ProPhoto Irvine.

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From Marta:

This would be the second time I have had the pleasure to photograph Meghan McSweeney and her 2 cool kiddos. Meghan was the most generous photographer that trusted me to play with her Contax 645 in trade of some session work for her. I owe her so much it is not even funny. Because of her trust in me, I was able to take my time to learn and fall in love with Medium Format film. In return, I try my best to capture her and her beautiful family for her. I think we are a pretty good team as a whole.

Meghan surprised me this time with not only her kids, but the ever faithful Perrin (Golden Retriever) and their new addition (the cutest pup ever) Ari. Mix the 5 of them, my daughter as a wonderful dog handler, perfect clothing color palette, my favorite location and the undeniable connection Meghan has with her kids and I think the session turned out to be one of my personal all time favorites. I am looking forward to the next time already.


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