Amanda McKinley: let the pregnant girl eat ice cream

Come on, if you can’t eat ice cream when you are pregnant, when can you?  I think for one pregnancy I lived on Peach ice cream.  Lived on it.

Amanda McKinley shot these amazing maternity photos.   She says, “The weather had been super lousy and I was praying to the rain Gods to hold off for at least an hour so we could get some images. We headed up to Uptown Westerville with it’s amazing architecture, fun little nooks and charm. We found some fun and unusual places to shoot. Stumbling upon a candy shop and finishing at an ice cream parlor was just part of our mini session.”

I say good for her.  Eat the candy and ice cream.  There has got to be some compensation for being pregnant, right?  Besides the obvious gift at 9 months.. the BABY.

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