We LOVE this little magic engagement session shot by Sophie Delaveau.  Sophie is a French photographer and I adore her style.

“Séverine and Guillaume wanted their engagement session took place in Brittany (France) in the oyster-farming owned by the family. It wasn’t a poetic or romantic place for an engagement session but I love that; because the place is not the most important.  Let the magic of love operate !  This was  is my first engagement session for my 2012 bride and groom. They will be getting married in September 2012 in Bordeaux (France).  I think I can say we were connected in the very first minutes we met the day of their engagement session.  I love feeling like as my couples and I are friends and we know since a long time. We talked, laughed, and appreciate every minutes we spent together.
Gesture, looks, laughs, tenderness, … Because love is all different for every couple I met, I want them to be honest with their feelings, emotions and personality. As I like natural, raw emotions, spontaneity and authenticity, I want my couples to feel connected and to remember why they love each other. And I photograph who they are and how they love each other: the body language is so powerful.”

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If you want to win a Christmas giveaway…we are going to give away a Black Rapid camera strap. — the RS-4 Classic.   Tell us below why you NEED one.  We will pick a winner on Friday!


wendy + tory


  • agnès says:

    Quel talent ! Félicitations pour cet excellent travail !

  • Kassi says:

    These are breathtaking. I love them.

    And I’d LOVE a shot at the Rs-4 Classic!! I’m in need of a GOOD camera strap, and it’d be lovely to have one that would be easy to wear while chasing 3 kidlets!

  • Lynda says:

    I LOVE these pics. As a wedding/event photographer I am always interested in seeing images of love. It is inspiring. The Black Rapid camera strap would be an excellent addition to my event package. I often carry 2 cameras at once. Their amazing design would make that so much easier.

  • Lynda says:

    Oh and i LOVE your site, so magical. The name is excellent too! It is what I have been telling my clients for years when they ask me what to wear. I tell them to let the kids dress themselves.

  • kristen says:

    Totally cool, powerful connection between these two. Caught myself smiling while admiring Sophie’s work.

    The timing of your Black Rapid giveaway is kind of crazy. I just discovered them the evening before this post and spent an hour admiring and debating on whether or not to purchase one but with a cart full of other shooting necessities, comfort took a back seat. I’m a shoulder-wearer when it comes to shooting and it’s always a hassle to have a strap that works against you rather than with you. The RS-4 classic would be a dream.

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