Jen Huang: in full color

What can I say? I so wish I had shot this.  This is my most favorite shoot I have seen all year long.  Of course I love the colors. And I love Jen Huang‘s compositions.  I love the clothes, I adore the couple.  The bouquet is beautiful.  And the backdrops.. well that is so ME. I so wish I shot this.  And I love it so much that I had to share it.  I love it so much I wish I could just leave it up here on the blog all week long.  And I love that this is all Jen’s creation.

This post is the result of Jen Huang’s amazing give a way on 100 Layer Cake blog.   Jen offered one lucky same-sex couple an engagement shoot in celebration of the enactment of New York’s law allowing same-sex couples to be wed.  Through the contest on 100 Layer Cake, Naomi + Rachel from Texas were chosen.   Naomi + Rachel came up to NYC to shoot this with Jen and decided to turn their visit into an elopement while there.

This is what Jen had to say about this shoot (originally featured on 100 Layer Cake):

My vision for the shoot was to capture Naomi + Rachel’s love in a way that reflected who they were, and what they loved best. It also aimed to showcase love in a form that many people disagree with – sometimes barriers like that can be broken through photographs – and I hope that this shoot does help break those barriers! Naomi had sent her and Rachel’s story in for the contest, and a part of it included stick figure drawings by Rachel of the two of them having breakfast in bed, so that became the inspiration for the first portion of the shoot. Poppies & Posies and Lael Cakes helped bring the vision together, with 50s/60s era colors, sweets and accessories. It was so easy to shoot Naomi and Rachel, their love was so apparent in every single photograph. There is no difference between photographing a same sex couple or a straight couple – love is love! Hope everyone enjoys the styling and execution of this shoot, but I also hope that it helps everyone celebrate this new equality in NYC and finally I hope more/all states follow in allowing everyone to wed!


Fabulous, right?  Right.  It doesn’t get better than this.  And last I heard, Naomi + Rachel have hired Jen to photograph their big wedding in Texas next year.  Good luck to them and thank you Jen for the contest, the shoot, the vision and intention behind it and the incredible photographs.

Photography: Jen Huang Photography / Cakes: Lael Cakes / Floral & Event Design: Poppies & Posies ( / Makeup: Facetime Beauty / Breakfast Dress: Free People / Wedding Dress: Etsy (Bride’s own) / Venue: Jen Huang Studio in NYC and Coney Island NYC

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