I have two minds about the Lensbaby.. sometimes I love it and sometimes its too much.  I guess its all in the technique.  Kirsty Lamour has it down.  These I adore.  This is the way to use the Lensbaby.  Look at how pretty and sunlit the photos are.  And can you believe she shot these in a city?  You would never know.

This is what Kirsty had to say:

“It wasn’t a session – it was just me and my family down at the beach one afternoon having some fun. No pressure for smiles or poses or special clothes. My girls just threw something on over their swimming costumes and I threw my camera and lensbaby in my bag and we all headed down for a play. It’s so hot in Abu Dhabi in summertime that we head to the beach right before sunset. These were all shot in our first 5 minutes there just as the sun was entering it’s golden glow. I know there aren’t many pictures but the girls got impatient to get properly in the water – and as I said, it wasn’t an afternoon about pictures!!

One of the things I love most about them is that our beach is actually a city beach – with tall buildings and people everywhere. The lensbaby gave me a chance to create dreamy images where my kids look more like they’re on a deserted beach than in the middle of downtown! ”

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