Kjrsten Madsen is the THE BOMB.  This may be one of the single most raddest family sessions ever.  Makes me wish there was a school bus abandoned somewhere convenient for me.  Its no joke when we say we both are jealous and wish we had shot this session.  Shot in Las Vegas on her way home from WPPI this year.


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Its going to be hard to top this family session so tomorrow will be something a bit different.




  • Jodi M says:

    Fabulous – every image is just perfect.

  • LOVE these! I especially love the color horizontal photo of the girl sitting on the bus seat looking back at the camera.

  • Emily says:

    These are SO awesome! It makes me want to run out and find an abandoned vehicle right now! Great job Kjrsten!

  • Marissa says:

    I don’t know what to say other than…..WOW.

  • Becky Earl says:

    I completely LOVE these. Beautiful job Kjrsten!

  • kjrsten says:

    Thanks for the feature ladies!
    It’s truly an honor to feel the love from those I admire so much (YOU!)

  • yan yan yan says:

    i have looked at these so many times. what is IT???? so hard to say, but these have the mark of true greatness for sure.

  • anna says:


  • Molly W. says:

    I agree, Kjrsten IS the bomb!!

  • Maisie says:

    I have had the privilage of being a friend of Kjrstens for several years now. She has touched my life in so many ways, and one of them has been through her photography. Her style of who she is comes right through the lens of her camera. I cannot imagine trusting another photographer to be with my family in all the intimate moments as I have Kjrsten. She will be extremely missed here in the states.

  • Awesome pictures…what a talented photographer!

  • mariana says:

    Kjrsten, you got it. These pics are unreal, and even if the location and clothes changed drastically, there’s something in the way you connect with your subjects that just shines. The expressions you got out of those kids are unreal. What’s up with that first color one, horizontal? That expression, oh my. Gorgeous is a way to start describing it… I think that’s my fave pic, but I’m not sure since there are so many wonderful ones.

    you rock!

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