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Ziva Agel had the best idea… so good we wish it were our own.  She has started the new blog KidsandFilm.com.  The idea came to her when she was out on a shoot and a child saw her loading film into her camera and asked, “What is that?”  The child had never seen film before and had no idea what was that.  For anyone who shoots film, I am sure you have experienced that countless times… I usually get it in the form of a little boy or girl asking to see the back of my camera.. looking for an image of themselves.  Oops.. nothing there.  🙂  Here is what Ziva has to say:

Kids & Film is a cool new project that aims to teach kids about the magic of shooting film, foster kid’s creativity, and keep film alive through the next generations. We encourage kids (18 and under) who shoot film to submit their best work & adults to submit images shot on film of kids learning the process!

Anyone can submit their best 1-5 photos to submit@kidsandfilm.com

Also, please include what you love about film (or why it’s important to you to teach kids about film), type of camera used, which film, how it was developed, age of the kid either submitting their work or in the photos learning, and anything you’d like to tell other kids that might motivate them to start shooting film!

Photo credits are to:

Josh Moates {Indie Film Lab} son learning to shoot on a Canon Canonet:
:: image web_006 ::

Scott Lyon, Age 16 Hasselblad 500 + Developed at home:
:: image web_007::
:: image web_008::

We look forward to seeing your film!

You can follow Kids and Film on facebook and twitter as well!

My kids have some great shots on film that I am pretty sure they would be very excited to see featured on a blog.  We will be submitting pretty soon ourselves.

What a super fun idea.  And since I am in the mood for a contest, lets have a photo contest on Facebook about kids and cameras…. photos of kids shooting or with cameras, or photos by kids.  Up for grabs is a Richard Photo Lab discount coupon (50% off first timers, 25% existing customers).  Top 5 Liked Photos get Judged!!!  And Ziva can be our guest judge!

You will be very very excited to see what I feature tomorrow. Talk about fun, colorful, and CREATIVE!!  Stay tuned…


Tory + Wendy



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  • Heather Nan says:

    I love this! Something I have been wanting to do with my little one too. My favorite thing about getting out the F100 is that my four-year-old can tell that I’m shooting the “film” camera because of the shutter sound… guess it’s time to hand it off to her : )

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