Let the Kids Play – Abbie McFarland

Abbie McFarland does a stunning job of photographing these kids.  How cute are these?  Fabulous children’s photography.  Abbie says:
I have photographed these kids a few times before, and I love how easygoing and natural they are in front of the camera.  They really did dress themselves for this session (of course it doesn’t hurt that mom has great taste).  I noticed the overgrown field of flowers and thought it would be a perfect fit for them, and then on a whim we decided to finish up in Keller’s downtown area, beside a fabulous little antique store.  Mom brought the red chair (Design Within Reach) from home, which was actually a Valentine’s gift for her husband that she and the kids picked out together.  Their clothing came from Peek, H&M Kids, and Gap.

All images were shot on film: Contax 645 with Portra 400, f100/zeiss 1.4 with ektar, and contax G2 with neopan.  Processed and scanned by RPL.
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Thanks for playing with us today,

Tory + Wendy


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