There is no photographer quite like Marina Miller of Red Heart Photo.  And I mean that in a very good way.  Her wedding  photography is outrageously good and sometimes just outrageous.  But I think her heart is with the kids, especially hers.

“These are my kids being themselves in our front yard on a hot summer day. LMK!  My tip for getting good shots of kids is to set up something fun for them to do, do it with them, THEN get the camera.  My boys on this day set up a “wipe-out zone” in the front yard.  It was a blast and I even jumped over the sprinkler a few times.  My kids wear mostly band or surf shirts and shorts during the summer.  They get hand-me-downs from the neighbors and our friend runs a band merch company.  On most summer days my boys are up and dressed before I am even out of bed, so they have to dress themselves. 😉  My whole philosophy with clothes is “they are boys and it is going to get wrecked eventually” so everything is light and fun.  My 8yo constantly wears Vans slip ons. They are his second skin. My 10yo is wearing a custom made vintage muumuu trucker hat by Head HI.  It was mine but he adopted it. 😛 The baby is wearing a 50spf (hallelujah!) turtle swim suit from Gymboree. Best $18 I ever spent.”

400 Ilford BW  shot in a Nikon FM2 using 35mm 2.8 nikkor lens

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My son was  a HUGE Green Day fan at 10 as well.   We have since moved on to harder faster rock and roll.



Tory + Wendy



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