Let The Kids Climb Trees — Agi Davis – Australia Family Photography

Agi Davis knows just how to catch kids being kids.  And nothing screams kids more than kids climbing trees.

I picked this shoot for many reasons but one was that my daughter absolutely loved the photo of all the kids in the tree and many more. This shoot was a beautiful shoot and i am very happy that i can share it with you. One picture that really stood out to me was the one of the little girl in the field. The field around her was so beautiful i knew right away i would put it on the blog. GREAT SHOOTING!

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from agi:  “All the images were photographed using contax 645. It was just magical afternoon where everything felt right…the light, location and smell of afternoon ocean breeze! Photographed with love.  Coast of Eastern Australia”

p.s. I had a little help selecting this feature and writing the copy by Hannah.. my 10 year old assistant editor.

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