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We are obsessed with sessions and projects that are not camera-aware, that show how life is, and that capture raw energy, powerful connections, and the wonderfully organic details of life … and now we’re seeking to cover that even more fully.

On this side of the world, June is the beginning of the season that holds what may just be the best part of childhood memories. There’s something about the sunny, sticky, sandy, stay-up-late days of summer that bubbles over with memorable moments and begs to be photographed. When I was growing up, days ended with cool baths after an evening of firefly catching, and cloudy bathwater gurgling down the drain after we washed those scraped up knees and muddy feet clean was a sign of a well-played summer day.

It seems only right, then, that this is the month in which we kick off our own new season of celebrating the inspiration, richness, and honesty of real life.”Let the Kids Dress Themselves” is rooted in a celebration of images that showcase carefree, organic, and even messy moments, portraying the sweetness and joy of real life through beautiful photography — and that is not changing at all. You may have noticed, however, that the site got a bit of a makeover, and we have assembled a phenomenal team of content curators who, alongside blog founder Wendy Laurel, will be featuring photo sessions and projects that represent various areas of everyday life.

So what does that mean for you? Glad you asked! We are seeking sessions and personal posts to feature in ALL of these new areas!  The images here on LTK celebrate gorgeous color and light, have an emphasis on emotion, movement, and authenticity, and are often film-based or have a film-like quality to them. We are obsessed with sessions and projects that are not camera-aware, that show how life is, and that capture raw energy, powerful connections, and the wonderfully organic details of life … and now we’re seeking to cover that even more fully. Here are the new areas and the editors behind them:


Newborns & New Motherhood – Elicia Graves 

Elicia Graves
As the Newborns & New Motherhood editor, Elicia Graves will be curating at-home and lifestyle maternity, birth, and newborn sessions and personal posts; sharing projects, collections, and series that revolve around maternity and newborn photography; and coordinating personal essays with accompanying photos related to pregnancy, birth, newborns, and new motherhood.

Children & Families – Meredith Novario 

Meredith Novario
As the Children & Families editor, Meredith Novario will be curating at-home and lifestyle child and family sessions and personal posts/series; coordinating personal essays with accompanying photos related to childhood and family life; and sharing projects and beautiful photography related to DIY crafts and activities with children.

Travel & Culture – Megan Cieloha

Megan Cieloha
As the Travel & Culture editor, Megan Cieloha will be curating sessions about childhood, motherhood, and family life in other countries; curating day-in-the-life type collections from non-U.S. photographers; curating travel, adventure, and vacation sessions and personal posts or series; and coordinating personal essays with accompanying photos related to travel and culture.

Food & Home – Kristin Dokoza

Kristin Dokoza
As the Food & Home editor, Kristin Dokoza will be curating curating beautiful food photography; sharing recipes or food stories and projects accompanied by photos; showcasing inspirational and striking homes, outdoor spaces, and interiors; and coordinating beautiful DIY related to home.

Dress – Nina O’Connell 

Nina O'Connell
As the Dress editor, Nina O’Connell will be curating curating session photos in which the clothing is clearly an important part of the story, whether eclectic, striking, fashionable, or simply distinctive; curating child photography sessions and personal posts in which the child has dressed himself or herself; and coordinating beautiful DIY related to personal style or accessories.

Creativity & Wellness – Wendy Laurel

Wendy Laurel
As the Creativity & Wellness editor, Wendy Laurel will be curating content that covers creative expression, motivation, introspection, self-appreciation, relationships, and personal balance … all against the backdrop of a session or other collection of gorgeous, emotive photography.

SO – submit your photos to Let the Kids for an opportunity to be featured, share life through your lens, and inspire us! We want to see your beautiful captures of life, home, style, adventures, traditions, rituals, milestones, and memories … whether for yourself, your family, your friends, or your clients.

We’ll leave you with some photos recently submitted by wonderful photographers who have a special talent for recognizing the irrepressible beauty that happens all around us when we let the kids play, laugh, love, rest, explore, dance, and dress themselves. Because, as always, showcasing photos that capture honest moments, real life, and beautiful memories will always be what we’re all about here.


  • Emily M. says:

    Thanks so much for featuring one of my photographs. I absolutely love this new direction Let the Kids is taking. Great categories and fantastic editors! I’m looking forward to watching your new site unfold!

  • Meg Messina says:

    I’m so happy to be included in this post full of fun photographs… thank you! I’ve been a fan of this site for so long and it’s really exciting to see the way it’s growing and expanding. Great work! 🙂

  • Erin says:

    These are all so great! Thank you so much for including a photo of my littlest one in this compilation 🙂 I love referring people to this blog, always something good to see!

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