Let the Kids Best Images of 2011

Picking our favorites was a very hard job.  We had literally hundreds of fantastic images on our blog in our first 6 months and choosing a listing of our very favorite images was a hard thing to do.  But there were a few images that had just stuck in my head, so I started with that.  Next I started scrolling through our blog and was amazed at how many fantastic posts we have had and so grateful for the quality of photographers that are supporting and submitting to our blog.   We couldn’t be here without the photographers or the readers and we so appreciate both groups of Let the Kids supporters.

This listing (as are all listings) is totally arbitrary and discretionary and subject to our personal preferences and likes.  But it gives you a good idea of what we absolutely LOVE about people photography and what we celebrate on Let the Kids.  Honest photography.  Photography shot by an artist with a strong voice.  Creativity and dash of quirkiness.  Humor.  Fearless.  Images that make you want to hang them on the wall.  Images that make you smile.

And the images are in no particular order.

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And photo credit goes to the following in the order of their images:

Jonathan Canlas

Tara Whitney

Fer Juaristi

Oscar Trevino

Ryan Muirhead

Duston Todd

Jose Villa

Jonas Peterson

Two Birds Photography

Zoe Berkovic

Four Hens Photography

Jen Huang

Jill Thomas

Becky Earl

And don’t forget our two new additions!!  We are now accepting submissions via Two Bright Lights (although we still love to get them via email).  Whatever is easier for you!

And we have our Let the Kids Favorites Gallery up and running.  You can add your portfolio and receive a gallery of images on our site, a listing in our regional listings of photographers, links to your site and blog and a short bio — plus a Let the Kids Favorite badge.  Just click here to sign up.

Happy New Year folks. Lets all have a good one.


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