Giveaway: let the kids at WPPI

So who is going?  Or rather should I ask who is NOT?

In case you do not know, WPPI is the huge convention of wedding and portrait photographers that happens in Vegas every February.  Classes, workshops, and the all important tradeshow.  It is 18-23rd this year.

Tory will be there. Find her and say Hi!  She will probably be hanging out at the Richard Photo Lab booth in the tradeshow an awful lot.  Handing out our flyers (shown below) and stickers.  Saying hey.

I’m staying at home in case you were wondering. Someone has to work. 🙁  Seriously, I just can’t seem to leave Hawaii this year.  I am going to miss out on all the FUN but Tory will have double FUN for both of us I am sure.

So we are giving away a whole ton of stuff!!!!

We are going to run two big contests.. are you ready?

The first is for a $50 gift card to Richard Photo Lab and (get ready for this) 100 rolls of Fuji’s Reala Film in 120 PLUS Jose Villa‘s book.  Thats right folks, a whole package.  Book telling you how, film to shoot, money to develop.

All you have to do to enter is take a photo of yourself at WPPI holding one of our flyers, post it on our FB page, and tag yourself  and Richard Photo Lab in the image.  Just head over to Richard Photo to grab one.  Its easy peasy.

And because once is never enough, we are having a SECOND contest at WPPI.  The details for this one will be coming out next week!  But it is JUST AS BIG.   Up for grabs on this one is 100 rolls of Kodak film, a $50 gift card to Richard Photo lab, and the Film is Not Dead Book.   So stay tuned.

Tell your friends and go say hi to the guys at Richard Photo Lab’s booth and grab a flyer.

I have to say I adore our flyer… it must be all the rad best of 2011 images on there by:  Jose Villa, Jonathan Canlas, Jen Huang, Jill Thomas, Zoe Berkovic, Two Birds Photo, Four Hens Photography, Ryan Muirhead, Becky EarlOscar Trevino, Fer Juaristi, Tara Whitney, Duston Todd, and Jonas Peterson.

Oh and hey, don’t forget to enter  a photo in our LOVE contest over on FB!

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