There is something that as a photographer gets me so worked up photographing my own kids. I often say if someone saw me photographing them they probably would never hire me!! I’m kidding, of course, (kinda, lol) but you know when they just won’t follow direction or listen?!! I always get my favorite images when I make it their idea (ah, ha…reverse psychology!!) but easier said then done!! So, when Noelle Reynolds sent us this set she took of her daughter, Drew, with us in mind, it was a nice little reminder to let the kid be a kid and the images will follow. Always a great reminder!!!

Here’s a little of what Noelle had to say about it:

“I got really excited about the whole idea of Let the Kids Dress Themselves.  So I took my daughter, Drew, out for a portrait session one day with Let the Kids, in mind.  I let her choose her own outfit, how she wanted her hair, and where she wanted her pictures taken.  Then I just followed her around not directing her at all except to suggest she not fall in the water.  And even then I thought if she did that would make for good photos!  If you’re a mom with kids then you know how hard it is to take pictures of your own child.  I don’t think she’s ever had more fun and I’ve never had it that easy, then that shoot.  Oh, and the fishing pole?  Yeah, not a prop.  She asked someone who was fishing if she could try.  These photos show Drew’s personality perfectly.”

Totally feel like I know Drew now!!
See you guys tomorrow!!



  • Manda says:

    I love these pictures. I’ve realized recently that I always am able to get the best photographs of my son when I don’t MAKE him take pictures or make him pose any specific way. He likes the attention, but he just doesn’t enjoy the “picture part” of pictures. lol.

  • Ashley Smith says:

    Noelle!! I love these pictures of your daughter. What precious pictures for your daughter to look back later. They totally look straight out of a magazine. Great job girl!!

  • Kel Ward says:

    These are adorable!! Thanks for sharing!

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