Let the Guys Wear Hugh Simms Ties + GIVE-A-WAY

Oh wow. Where to start?  The ties of course.  Hugh Simms has a stunning collection of ties for the guys.  Hugh Simms is a lifestyle fashion brand led by designer and CEO Hugh Simms, a graduate of Cornell University and (F.I.D.M.) Fashion School. A believer of American craftsmanship, Simms prides himself on having his accessories and garments handmade in Los Angeles and being part of the fashion revival of the once thriving LA manufacturing industry. He is joined by two fellow alumni who are both experienced in operating and promoting upscale brands.

And we are giving one away!!!  Giveaway is the Outlaw Tie – http://hughsimms.com/outlaw/ – Retails $75.

Hugh says:

“The Revolution Collection was based off of Malcom X in his later years when he believed that it’s not a question of black or white only good people and bad. “Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary.  I wanted to diffuse this iconic black figure with some Billy the Kid and 1920’s Gangtsa Band of Brothers. The image message on front page hughsimms.com pics is Buy American Fight the depression. I thought these three guys could be of use today in fighting this cause.”


But the photography?  That is our own Tory.

Tory says:
This is the second shoot I have done for Hugh Simms. Hugh gave me some iconic “revolution” moments in our history and movies to recreate, including Malcolm X.   I was so excited that he was into me shooting film and even Polaroids – I had some 1600 Sepia Polaroid film that fit the look we were going for perfectly. This was also my first ever manual focus shoot and what made me decide to shoot that way all the time. It was really fun to step out of my normal baby photographer mode and do this kind of shoot!!!




Want to win a tie?  Just leave a comment 1) telling us why you or your man is an outlaw, and 2) tell us you LIKE both our FB page and LIKE  Hugh Simms FB page.    Easy as pie.

Or buy one for 20% off.  Just enter “victoria” as a coupon code on hughsimms.com.

for the technical details:

Film Portra 400 & Polaroid 1600 Sepia Instant Film – F100 + Polaroid 600SE
Models: Actor Cedric Sanders, model/musician Curtis Murphy,  model Jordan
Behind the scene link – http://youtu.be/lAsh0QLkEE0


  • My man is an outlaw because the fashion crimes he committed in the first 20 years of his life were deserving of prison time! Bicycle shorts and curly mullet should never be put in the same sentence let alone the same outfit! A snazzy tie like that and a good photo shoot could put him on the road to recovery. 😉

    I also ‘like’ you FB pages and the Hugh Simms page. Cool stuff! 🙂

  • Chelsea says:

    Wow! I don’t need a Tie but those are really awesome ties!! Love the bow ties, too!!! And well done, my friend. Those photos rock! Fun fun!

  • Sarah Knight says:

    LOVE the ties! My husband is an outlaw because he doesn’t let anyone tell him what’s cool. (He just bought a pocket watch that he plans on wearing every day). He wears exactly what he wants to wear and he WANTS to wear this tie!

    We’ve both liked the Facebook pages and are excited to keep tabs on new Hugh Simms items!

  • dude, these are out of this world. and no offense to the other 2 dudes, but the african american dude is freaking awesome. i imagine shooting him was a breeze.

  • My Viking is an outlaw for his mindset. Before we met his plan was to buy a cabin, a gun, a dog, and 50 gallons of water for winter as pipes freeze in the wintery wilderness of Pennsylvania. He is disarmingly charming, and wields a certain swagger and sex appeal foreign to mere citizens. He would do justice to a Hugh Simms tie like a cherry to a sundae.

  • Tim Massie says:

    I have to admit that I am not really an outlaw…. I’m a freaking Eagle Scout afterall, but I always thought it would be cool to be Elliot Ness!

    P.S. “like”d both FB pages

  • Amanda says:

    Wooooo is it hot in here???? Guns, models and ties!!! Super super hot. Would love to win a new tie for my hubby! It’s been ages since he last purchased something stylish and fun! He should be outlawed from waiting soooo long to spiffy up his wardrobe!!!

  • Caroline Dahle says:

    My man is an outlaw because he’s a total man’s man…but he doesn’t drink beer. Strawberry daiquiris all the way!! 🙂 Oh, and of course I like both your page and Hugh Simm’s page on Facebook. 🙂

  • jamiewaters says:

    my man is an outlaw because he can wrangle in his four kids with the fiercest love. he is tall and strong on the outside but silly putty in our hands 🙂

  • Kristen says:

    My man is an outlaw because he wears bow ties all the time. Around 4th graders. In an extremely urban, not-exactly-bow-tie-friendly school. And the kids have started wearing them because he’s making them believers in the ways of the Tie.

  • Nikki says:

    My man loves to throw on his leather jacket, jump on his Harley, pick me up from my ending 4 o’clock shift to enjoy the superb roads & endless scenery. Sometimes he feels the need to stop at a rugged “biker” bar on the side of the road to start a little rumble or two. Enjoys his beer, then we’re back on the bike to ride back home to pick up our dear children from grandmas for dinnertime. He works quick;) Oh & he enjoys wearing snazzy ties on Sundays.

    Ok Ok. So maybe I like to play pretend just a bit;)

    P.S. I Like Both pages of course!!

    Hope I’m not to late for this…..love these & the photos are Awesome!!

  • Kia Gregory says:

    My man NEEDS to be an outlaw. I can see him wearing some Hugh Sims courtside when he starts coaching basketball in just a month!

  • Kia Gregory says:

    And not sure why I hadn’t liked Let the Kids before but I do now. And of course I like High Sims as well.

  • Kim says:

    My husband is an outlaw because he is a cheater. Bwahahahaha. I want the tie for my son actually. 🙂 I LOVE you on facebook and I now like Hugh Sims as well. Squee! Hope we win!!!

  • Kim says:

    Also, one of those models is super steamy. I will let you decide which one. 🙂

  • Rob says:

    In a world of modern convenience and otherwise lazy appliances I choose to ignore and find something more ‘Outlaw.’ I believe In a word of not populated by sleazy, lazy men and women. I still drive a 59′ Chrysler New Yorker everyday. Why? The simple answer is the passion for resisting societys lazy pull on everyone. I have never once paid a visit to a Mechanic or paid a contractor for my home. I have never owned a car with an automatic transmission or failed to open a door for a lady, I believe we are better than that. Call it stubborn but I call it ‘Outlaw.’

  • These are seriously incredible!

    • Hugh Simms says:

      So incredible i couldn’t choose just one had to pick two! I love spending time on this site enjoyed the contest. The collection now available in top boutiques wouldn’t have been possible without this great photography by the talented photographer Victoria O’Leary. Thanks all around!! Could only pick two winners but all your men are top notch!

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