Happy Fourth of July everyone!! Wendy and I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday weekend!! We thought it appropriate to show you this fabulous set by Lauren Pressey Photography on this very busy holiday weekend!!

Secretly…..I have ALWAYS wanted an RV. I think it would be SO much fun to just jump in a mobile house and go where ever! So when Lauren sent us  her family vacation to Joshua Tree, in their RV, I was of course JEALOUS!! No really, I was taken aback by the playful way in which she captured her kids!! It is so important, in my opinion, to always be shooting your own kids (even if they are over it!!) I mean how else will they remember the awesome outfit they HAD to wear OR that time they cut off their own bangs?! It can be so easy to succumb to the “NO more camera mommy” (I can’t be the only one!!). Lauren told us a little about her philosophy and her best tip for photographing your own kids and vacations!! I am taking notes!

Lauren said, “My husband and I try our best to explore and travel locally with the kids as much as we can. We keep things simple, travel light, and make our own fun.  The same applies to my photography. I try and play off the lighting and angles of the landscape and let my kids tell their own story. Best tip for photographing your own kids when they’ve just about had enough of you:  involving them in the process. I tell them we’re going on an adventure and I ask them questions about where we’ve endedup. Sparking their own imagination, they take it from there.”

Be safe out there!!! We will see you tomorrow!!



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