LET THE FAMILY PICNIC– Cassidy Miller Photography

All you need is the family and a picnic blanket.  At least that is all Cassidy Miller needed to capture this fun family.  I guess the tattoos count as details, right?  I am counting them.  Accessories at the very least.  Cassidy adds:

“Haley is my best friend and I know how amazing she is and how great her family is, and I really wanted to capture THEM just how they naturally are.  We did this session on a really busy weekend I was up vising for Oliver’s first birthday.  We didn’t have a lot of time to fuss with a formal session, no real plans, just at their favorite park around the corner of their house.  I just sat back and let them do their own thing and snapped away.  I really try to capture the connection above anything else.  Oliver has a permanent mess all over the front of his shirt, Finnley has wild blonde curls that can’t be tamed and it was all just so perfect.”


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