This session is one of the most loving sessions I've seen.  It was shot at Crystal Cove in Newport, CA by photographer Jaclyn Michele.  “It was a rad little beach area Sharon picked out. I've known Sharon since our sons were babies and it was awesome to go out to California to photograph and spend time with them. The kids are some of the most energetic and giggly I've ever met in my life – they were running circles around me and kept me on my toes! There was certainly no shortage of personality with this cute little family; they are the kind of people who brighten up a room just by being there. So much love.”

Sharon said “Lani's dress was from Old Navy, Taj's shirt from Gap Kids, my shirt I found at Wetseal, which is a place I would never normally shop. I saw it in the window and it was exactly what I had been looking for. Darrick's shirt is from Forever21 Mens lol. Not exactly glamorous stores, but we were on a budget and I love the way the colors ended up working out for the photos.”

This session was shot completely with Fuji 400H film in 35mm and 120 format and developed and scanned by Richards Photo Lab. I shot the majority of the session with my Nikon F100 and 50mm lens. I stopped down my aperture to f/4.0 for most of the session and rarely took my eye from the viewfinder to increase my chances of getting the active little buggers in focus and catch them being their quirky little selves! When we were winding down the end of the shoot on the beach at sunset, I pulled out my Contax 645 and 80mm lens to make the most of the dreamy colors.

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So cute its sort of maddening.  Anyone with me?  Extraordinarily good photography.

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