Tanja Lippert: let the couple honeymoon first

This portrait session of a couple by Tanja Lippert before their wedding day gives us the feeling the couple is having their honeymoon before the wedding.  I love how tropical and warm this shoot is and how romantic.  Tanja is able to bridge the gap between romantic and creative with ease. I just love the clean look of this and how she told the story so simply with blue and white as her main colors.  Beautiful.  Tanja says:

“The best part about shooting in tropical locations is the natural beauty that surrounds everywhere!  I literally did not have to set up a darn thing, the place was so beautiful as is.  For this series of images, I just walked the couple around the resort & along the beach areas and took advantage of the beauty that was already there.  It was one of the amazing days that followed a storm, where the big white fluffy clouds filled the sky.  It made for amazing light that changed constantly.  When the large, fluffy clouds covered the sun, it made for this amazing, even light that resembled a large, natural soft box.  For when the sun peeked through, it made for beautiful direct light or amazing back lighting.  We took these shots about 1:00 in the afternoon when the sun was high and bright.  I love shooting at this time of day, contrary to most photographers because there is much more light to work with.  It is imperative to know how to see light and how to tell your camera how to interpret that light in the way your eyeballs see it.  I rely on my instincts, in camera spot meter and experience in shooting in all different types of natural light to make the most of any natural light situation.  I know it may sound silly, but I also rely on God’s grace by praying up beautiful light on shoot days.  On this day, in Panama- he really listened!!!”

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