Zalmy Berkowitz: let the couple have fun

I love couples shoots.  Its so easy, no toddlers, no crazy wedding schedule.. just a couple of adults in love and all the time in the world.  This is where you can get so creative in your photography (at least for me).  And I LOVE what Zalmy Berkowitz did with this couple. The brick photo just kills me. But I love the way he used the ads as well.  And this is his very first all film shoot:

“Anyways, I’m mostly a family photographer (and qui e beginner one at that) and never really had subjects that would pose for me and give me some time to compose etc (kids require quick reflexes which I haven’t mastered yet). I asked some high school friends of my wife to help me out and they really came through. Cassy and Chad are both from Huntington Beach, CA and still live there which I find awesome, so we decided to do shoot by Central Park and move down to Main Street  and the Pier. This was also my first all film shoot, so I really took my time. And I love the results.

And the main tip would be: buy the find guide. I waited too long and wasted a lot of $$$ and a lot of time because of that…”

We love the results too.

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Remember, that FIND guide is only for sale until the end of this month.  If you want it for yourself or a friend, click on the link on the right and buy it now.



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