I have to agree, at first, there is something a little daunting about mixing film and high energy kids. One of the beautiful things about film is slowing down and really thinking about each shot…because each shot costs money. But ya know, somethings just do NOT slow down, like little boys!! Green Apple Photography shared with us her very first ALL FILM kid shoot and we are so happy she did!! It looks like it was a ton of fun and we love how she completely captured the personalities of each boy, as well as their ridiculously cute little brotherly relationship.

Here's a little bit of what Lindsey told us about shooting ALL film and her favorite things about the session.

“Jude and Jet are my good friend Cammie's cute little boys. Cammie's the kind of friend where we don't see eachother a lot, but when we do, it's like it hasn't been any time at all. Consequently I haven't seen Jude or Jet for over a year. And, they had seriously grown up! Look at Jude's long, skinny legs. They were the best. It reminded me of puppies, where they grown huge feet, then a huge tail, then huge ears. It's just another sign that he is growing up. What I enjoyed most with this session, is that we just played. Jude and Jet have a great relationship, with lots of playing and a little teasing. I pretty much just laughed the whole time. It was a little scary shooting all film with 2 high speed boys, especially when I loaded my film wrong (oops, 220 in the 120 insert), and in my hurry, ended up loosing the roll of 400H. Ahhh! It ended up being a toy, and what do you do? It got tossed around a lot.”

Ahhh…boys will be boys, won't they.

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We wish you a VERY happy relaxing weekend!!!



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