In the words of our featured photographer, All Smiles Photography, “There is truly nothing like parents love for their new little life”. I don't know if there was ever a truer statement!! The whole experience can be a blur so we love that Alli went in and captured the family as they are “loving on their little baby” right before they got to take him home with them from the NICU. No doubt they are images the family will treasure forever. Here's a little more in Alli's words.

“This family is so awesome! Mom and Dad are total rockstars who do hard things (like having a baby during law school, graduating at the top of their class, and then having another baby in the NICU) and make it look easy breezy.  Kai was born with some pulmonary problems, but he is doing great now! I photographed him on one of his last days in the NICU. This is my favorite type of shoot–one where I can just let the family love on a new little baby and document the interactions.”

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Isn't life miraculous?!


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