LET THE BABY SLEEP – Kimberly Walker Photography

Kimberly Walker shot this super sweet newborn session.  I love how she worked with the limitations on space.  The baby, the parents, the love.  Its really all you need.  And this baby is so very very beautiful. This is what Kimberly says:

“This family lives on a very busy street of skyscrapers and store fronts in central Toronto. I panicked when I walked into their tiny loft apartment. There was a small kitchen and bathroom, followed by a crowded, dark living room. There was a ton of baby stuff and the windows were covered by cardboard to block the sun, and there was various prints and magazine clippings on the walls (I could tell right away that Mom must be a fashion or design student). I knew I had to make the most of it so I set to work. We turned one of the couches around to face the windows and we removed all the cardboard to let the light in. This ended up working really well for the individual shots of Zahra – she slept so well in the warm sun. Mom and Dad didn’t really want to be in any photos but I convinced them otherwise. For their shots, we took down the artwork and clippings from two of the walls. And I just kept my shots tight with everyone close together. Once the clutter was removed, it was actually a pretty neat space.

I ended up being in love with the shots we took that day. They were such a sweet couple – just trying to adjust to life with a new baby and hoping to get some nice portraits in the midst of it. They were themselves during the shoot –  peaceful, casual, and loving, and I think these photos captured that.

I used a Canon MarkD II, with a 85 mm, 17-40mm, and 24-70mm lens, and worked with the natural light.”


This baby is just so CUTE!



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