Leah Zawadski: let the baby be held

One of our favorite child photographers, and probably yours too, is Leah Zawadski from Lily Blue.  I highly recommend visiting her site even just to see the opening slideshow.  WOW.  Leah and Deb (see her feature here) also run Wallflower Friends, a photography workshop.

I love her approach to baby photography.  “With my newborn sessions I don’t focus as much on the baby as on the connection between baby and parents.”  Leah lets the parents hold the baby for the newborn shots instead of posing the baby by herself.  The whole family is incorporated into the shoot.   The result is… well.. judge for yourself.


As an aside, another thing I LOVE about this session.. its all horizontal format.  If you blog at all, you know why I LOVE that.  But visually, I am also drawn to horizontal or square images myself.

And we are off on another week,




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