LET LIFE BE WONDERFUL – Bonnie Berry Photography

I love hearing backgrounds about shoots, from the photographers view.
The incredibly talented Bonnie Berry, shared this incredibly warm and loving family session with us….and told us about her drive to work.

Bonnie said, “On my way to this Sunday morning family session in Austin I was listening to NPR. It was the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I was in tears listening to the coverage until finally I had to turn it off. I didn’t want to show up at the front door bawling. As soon as I arrived, four year old Hutson gave me a tour of the house and had so much to tell me. Everywhere I looked in the house there were family photos, many of which the talented Callie herself took (she is also an Austin photographer). And I was immediately swept up by this amazing family and their energy, their warmth and their love. And I realized that life truly does go on. And how wonderful it truly is. We had a ball and I love photographing fellow photographer’s families. It is an honor and a privilege to capture family relationships and memories for people who are always in front of the camera and rarely in front it.”

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Hope it brought a smile to your face too!!!
Tory + Wendy


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