LET LIFE BE BEAUTIFUL — Amy Grace, A Beautiful Life Photo

Amy Grace is one of our favorites (you can see her listing on our favorites gallery here). The simplicity and the beauty of these portraits just take my breath away. Amy says:

“sometimes, a kaleidoscope shift is just a short drive away. the business and noise and obligations we all face can dull our sensors, blur the simplicity and love that drives it all. these photos were taken on a beautiful sunday a few months ago, with my precious family, as we treated ourselves, with travel points, to a getaway. morning to sunset, these were the moments that felt like paradise. i love the ease with which my kids approach the camera, and the mother they trust behind it. the look of love is palpable, as is the joy, the connections, the peace we were all feeling, being together, attentive, grateful. i keep my 50mm 1.4 lens on about ninety percent of the time, and this day i was true to form. there is a purity about the way i through it. this is life – gentle, beautiful, fleeting, lucky, expectant. these are the kind of natural, free, lush images i try to capture for other people, other families. there is such an elegant magic in seeing my own family as i see them, as i love them. so let the kids feel free…”

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