I LOVE when we get Portrait submissions.  Its an art just shooting one person.  Dustin Francis takes a moment to show us how it is done in this post.  Dustin said he “really love to photograph women and their simple beauty.. dudes don't look this good.”

Laughing out loud at that.  Typical male photographer right?  Dudes can look good too Dustin.

But he is right that Kate is pretty and he did a very good job of showing us her personality.  I feel like I know her already.  Oh and her cute dress?  H&M.

All the images were captured at the Arb right here in Ann Arbor, which was a great back drop for Kate 🙂  Everything was shot on either a Contax 645 and 45 f/2.8, 80 f/2, 140 f/2.8 loaded with Fuji Pro 400H or a Polaroid 600SE loaded with Fuji FP-3000B.

Very beautiful and sweet.  She also looks like a bit of a spitfire.  Am I right?


Wendy + Tory



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