One of my favorite things about photography is how creative and original people are.  I mean we all love backlight and at f/2.0, or do we?  It is so refreshing to see stuff outside the box and different from everyone elses’.  That is what I love about having this blog.  Being able to showcase all the creativity out there.

I am very honored that Kevin Meredith aka lomokev on flickr submitted a series of his photographs of children.  This guy is a genius and he accomplishes it all (or most of it) with a simple camera with hardly any settings.  Kevin uses a lomo-lca camera or camera(s) as I am sure he owns several.  On this psuedo toy camera, the only thing you control is the film speed and setting the “zone” for the zone distance focusing.  The aperture and shutter speed is all in camera  and the focus is iffy.  Kevin uses a measuring stick to make sure his distances are correct to get his spectacular focus.  Of course he isn’t picky.  He uses lots of different cameras, digital and film.  Some of the shots below are digital, some are film, all different sorts of cameras.  The lomo is his mainstay though.

I am such a fan of Kevin’s work for his color and composition.  If you don’t know his work from flickr than you are missing out.  His photos are often picked by the flickr bosses to grace the opening pages of the site.  The man is a genius.

He lives and works in Brighton Beach which is sort of near London.  And by work we mean he writes books about photography and takes loads of photos.  He also gives workshops if you are in the area.   I picked up his book “Hot Shots” in Urban Outfitters one day and  fell in love with his work.  Now I use Hot Shots as my textbook in my photography classes I teach at a local school.  The best thing about the book is that he tells you how he got each photography.  The kids love it.

In fact, I am so excited about this guy and his work that if you leave a comment here today and tell me why you need or want his book, Hot Shots, I will pick one of you and send it to you.  Be convincing and I will take the most in need/want.


I love the colors in that blue one.  Isn’t it amazing?   Want the book for free?  Tell me why.


Wendy + Tory


  • Emily says:

    The last two are my favorite! Beautiful set!

  • Julio rivera says:

    Kids love live and laugh and he knows how to truly capture that. I want to learn how
    Get those feelings in my pics.
    I love the colors in his pics.

  • Brandy says:

    His stuff is AWESOME! I would love to have this book. I am brand new to film photography, and am just devouring anything and everything I can to develop my skills. This looks like the PERFECT book for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • tobiah says:

    great pics. but im not sure the kid in red and gray should dress herself. haha. love your site by the way.

  • Ashley Smith says:

    I love his stuff…don’t know anyone that doesn’t BUT I would love the book because you guys said perfectly “The kids love it” I think it’ll be the perfect tool to help my kiddos start some film fun 🙂 Infect the new generation with the love for film. And they’ll probably wow us with their out of the box ideas..just you wait and see…

  • Jay Addelson says:

    These are great fun. I would love to see more. Inspire the kids and all.

  • hannah says:

    Wow this sight is totally awesome! I love this sight.It brightens my day!

  • Oh my goodness, the baby sleeping the girl with the red coat are AMAZING. I need this book, I have never heard of him and now need to know everything about him. Since stalking may be over the top, I will have to settle for the book! Thanks for such a great website, I love the honesty and beauty of all of the photographers featured on here. Keep up the great work!!

  • NaDell says:

    I want to win it so I can look through it and find new ideas and then give it to Charlene who will do amazing things with it!

  • These are freaking awesome! So sad that my LCA crumbled apart. I do have a “hot shot” 110 camera though! You know the kind that you used to get in the cereal boxes in the 80’s?

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I know I’m late, but if you’re still looking to give a book away, you posted this on my birthday – July 10th – and I love presents. 😉 Actually, I’m really fascinated by the fact that your photography textbook choice came from an Urban Outfitters. So funny.

    I’m a new reader! Just found you today via the Top 20 Photo Blogs post.

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