What is there to say about Ryan Muirhead? He is UBER talented, like RIDICULOUSLY talented and he shoots no nonsense, straight up honest photography at it's best. This shoot was done all within 100 yards of his place. No reflectors, no artificial light and about a 1 minute edit per image in Photoshop. More importantly, that Canon the model, Macy, is holding is NOT a prop, she's actually shooting too! HOW RAD IS THAT?!! We may even bring you some of her shots from this shoot one day!! So stay tuned and in the meantime I'll stop jabbing away and let you experience the amazingness yourself!!

single women

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That shot of her dangling the light meter down to him has been stuck with me for days…..Ryan a true inspiration. If you have not checked out his work, you need to! To follow him go like his Facebook Page and Tumblr he posts pretty things and keeps it real at the same time…so it's really a win win.

Model: Macy Chapman
Makeup: Danielle Carlsen
Hair: Heather Donahue
Cameras used: Contax 645 + Leica MP
Film: B&W Acros100 | Color Portra 400 + 160

We hope you are as inspired as we are!!
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Good Luck!



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