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I know many mom’s that are guilty of not having any pictures of themselves with their kids!! As a photographer, with a husband who is very uninterested in photography, I am always the one with the camera and besides a few cell phone pictures (thank goodness you can flip the camera round on the iPhone!) I have no pictures of me with my children. It’s on my list of things I need to get done, soon. So I love the idea of a mommy and me session!! Especially for newborns because it is a time that really flies by so fast! This set, by the fabulous Green Apple Photography, is a different take on newborn pictures – and different is refreshing!!

Lindsey said, “What touched me the most, when I did this session, is how instant your love is for your baby. Martha had only been born, I believe 10 days, before, but the connection is instant. Christy is a wonderful, and sweet mother. It showed in every touch and interaction she had with her baby. I was maybe a bit in tears, during our shoot, remembering my own baby being this little. I’m so happy she took the time to have these photos, because it goes by in a blink, and before you know it, they are walking, or talking, or telling you, “mine!” or wanting to dress themselves. I loved that Martha’s favorite place to sleep was right on Christy’s chest, because that is how I got Lucy to go to sleep for the first month of her life. I really wanted to focus on the mother, daughter relationship, because it seems like the mom’s never get their photos taken with the kids. They are always the ones with the camera. Or at least usually!”

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  • Ahh, I love Christy and Martha! I’m so happy I got to take their pictures before they moved away. Thanks so much for featuring this. It’s true. Us mommy’s don’t always get the most pictures with our kids!

  • Erin O. says:

    Oh! These are so lovely. So many good moments captured…and you are so right…Mom’s never in the photos!

  • Lovely. I also know and adore Christy!

  • Carrie says:

    Amazing! Not one picture of a baby wearing a huge flower headband bigger than it’s head! Or a naked baby stuffed into a basket! Or a baby wrapped in cheesecloth hanging from a tree limb!

    Newborn photography has taken on a life of it’s own and honestly, even though I have recently done a naked baby in a basket shoot because that seems to be expected now, I am ready for newborn photography to go in a new, more natural, direction. These beautiful pictures show a baby as it truly lives, held in the arms of its mother and not stuffed naked in a vintage laundry pail.

    Great pictures!

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