You know when something just fits? A perfect match, like PB&J or summer and ice cream? That is the goodness that Wendy and I feel when we find a photographer that really embodies what Let the Kids is…We were so happy that Kate T Parker sent us in a submission because from there we were introduced to her work which is full of fun and creativity!! We love her raw realness and different take on kid and wedding photography. After you’re done here make sure to hop on over to her blog and checkout why we are so excited to have her join our little family of photographers.

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I know you want to know more about Kate, so here you have it a little Q&A:

1.) Do you shoot film or digital? Digital

2.) What is your processing workflow? Do you use actions?
I edit 90% in Lightroom. I use some presets, I love Kellie Hatcher‘s Black and Whites.

3.) How long have you been shooting professionally?
Just about a year now, it went by so fast. Learned a ton and still learning everyday.

4.) Why do you shoot? What drives you? What inspires you?
Kids, especially my two girls, inspire me. They are so real, so silly, so honest and I love to try to capture that baout them.

5.) What personal work do you shoot? Any ongoing projects?
Working on a 365 project this year (loving it!) and just about to embark on a new project that will show athlete mothers and their sports playing children. As a direct beneficiary of title nine college soccer program, the power of athletics in a woman’s life and ow it affects their kids is something that really hits home with me…..I can’t wait to start!

6.) What is the best piece of advice you could give a new photographer.
Do a 365 project. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Go with your gut and trust it.

Enjoy your day all!!



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