LET HIM COME HOME — Caroline Lima Photography

Nothing like the emotion of a long awaited homecoming!! Caroline Lima captured it perfectly & shared it with us!! Love the way she captured the excitement of the whole day – I may of teared up a bit.
Caroline said, “When Jennifer, who is also a photographer, asked me to capture her husband homecoming, I knew it would be emotional! Jennifer wanted to have memories of this special day when her family would be reunited in Germany, where they have been stationed for a few years. Her husband Phillip is in the Air Force and he was deployed for six months. Their daughter Mia is the cutest and she was looking forward to see her dad again!
I love to capture preparations, I think it helps to tell the story of the day! Jennifer asked me to come to their house before the plane landed and I approached it the same way I do with weddings. I captured the small details, the emotions involved and I let the moment unfold by itself.
When we got at the airport I knew I would have to position myself in a way to be able to capture their reaction the moment they saw each other. Since I shoot manual, I measured the light before and I stood between the door that Phillip walked out and Jennifer and Mia. This way I was able to take a few pictures of him as soon as he got out of the door and then turn around very quickly and capture Jennifer and Mia’s reaction!
It was an amazing experience!!! It brings joy to my heart to see their happiness on these images!”
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