LET HIM BE UNIQUE | Craig and Kate

Craig and Kate have some new fans!!! They are photographers based out of Essex and I am truly digging their style.

Especially their shoot of Musician, Kris Baya. (He is a song writer and performs his own songs which infuses pop, soul, latin and jazz into his own unique style of music his also one hell of a guitar player!!!) Check out his music here.

Craig and Kate said, “We took Kris to a disused warehouse round the corner from our studio, Craig was like a kid in a Candy store, we squeezed through one of the steal roller blinds and were faced with a vast empty space with pigeons and a broken T.V and Craig captured these awesome pictures!!!!!”
Love their view and I know you all will too!!
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I am pretty sure we have the winner of the $50. Richard Photo Lab coupon coming up…..so stay tuned!! Winner will be chosen shortly!!

Also, who is going to WPPI?!!!  (raises hand!!!) Give me a shout out if you are going to be there – we may have some fun swag to give away!! – I’m still trying to figure out my plans!! What are you all planning on doing?! Shooting, Speakers?! What are you DYING to hear, learn, see?!!

Happy Monday all!!

Tory + Wendy

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