Becky Earl did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty and spirit of this little girl.  It makes me love curly hair and as a girl with curly hair, I usually don’t.   If you have curly hair, I know you understand.

Becky says, “I don’t shoot a lot of kids, so of course I was worried I could make this sweet little girl show me her personality and who she is. Once I got her in front of the camera, however, all that worry flew out the window. She laughed (she made me laugh a lot), she was serious. She told me stories. We pretended we were mice. She was her. Beautiful and innocent. Trusting and open. That was all I could ask for. I didn’t want it to ever end. And when all was said and done I shot one of my favorite sessions ever and she was completely content with the ring pop I promised her.”

All images shot on film,  Fuji 400h and Ilford 400 HP5.



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