LET HER BE REAL — Ryan Muirhead Photography

Ryan Muirhead. We love his eye for beauty and for his ability to create effortless images. He has an ability to capture the realness of each an every subject in which shoots. Demi is no different. I absolutely LOVE his use of what’s around him, no matter where he is and can we talk about his lighting?! Swoon worthy.

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Amazing right?!!
There’s a reason he’s one of our favorites!!!

And for a little insight…..here’s Ryan’s gear – Ryan said, “For the shoot I used a canon ae-1 with a 50mm 1.2 Lens. Total cost was under $400. I wanted to explore the quality that could be obtained in a very low price range. For the polaroids I shot a custom Aero Ektar WWII lens mounted on a Graflex Series D press body from the 1930s with a polaroid 405 pack so as to be able to use the fuji packfilm on a 4×5 body – the roll film was all new Portra160.



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